Wholemeal Loaf (small, Wednesday 9 December bake)



Allergens: Wheat Flour contains gluten.


Dough weight 550 grams Please note all wholemeal and seedy breads contain 80% organic stoneground wholemeal flour and 20% organic stoneground white flour , just wholemeal flour would make the bread somewhat dense. (Wholemeal has 98 -99% of outer bran still) The addition of white lightens the loaf . Please note the type of flour used is stoneground therefore the white flour still has 75% of the outer bran on. so we are only looking at a very small percentage less of total bran.

Wholemeal Loaf (small, Wednesday 9 December bake)

    • Stoneground organic wholemeal flour
    • Water
    • Stoneground organic white flour
    • Yeast
    • Salt 

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