Olive and Herb Sourdough large (Friday 5 March bake)


Allergens: Wheat flour contains gluten 

Please order by5.00pm Wednesday


Olive and Herb sourdough. Made with white wheat  full of proteins. The olives are soaked in olive oil in which ensures their even distribution and taste in the dough. The addition of mixed dried herbs adds another dimension to the taste.  Sourdoughs are very trendy!   They have a very long fermentation so the gluten is broken down, it also takes your body longer to digest so no nasty sugar spikes. Its made with natural yeast so full of good gut bacteria. It also tastes great! It makes the perfect toast. 

Olive and Herb Sourdough large (Friday 5 March bake)

    • Organic white flour
    • Water
    • Mix of green and black olives
    • Wild, natural yeast
    • Olive Oil
    • Dried Mixed Herbs 
    • Salt

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