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Gill Grant

My name is Gill and what started as a hobby is now all-consuming and has taken over my life! Since 2015 I have run a micro-bakery from my home in New Eltham, London. Therefore bread has taken over my house


I hold regular bread baking classes in my own domestic kitchen and I am also the tutor for Bread Baking Classes for GCDA.


My training and history

I have trained as a Bread Angel – which is the largest network of microbakers in the UK and our joy is to spread the word of "real bread" - by making it available to our local communities through baking and selling bread, talking and teaching about real bread. 

No other food ties us together more than bread. It is a great uniter. Regardless of culture or home, we have all eaten bread at some stage. Every county has its own type of bread, and if their people relocate then they bring their style of food with them. Did you know that bagels originated in Poland?  Or pita from Israel? Or that bread has been around since at least 8000BC. ?



Artisan Bread